The constraints associated with water management in the Mediterranean are subject to a huge dynamism due to global changes such as climate change that will aggravate extreme phenomena (floods, droughts….) and regional variations such as population and tourism-related pressures in the coastal areas.

Mediterranean areas face dramatic changes that will affect the sustainability, quantity, quality, and management of water resources. The differences between territorial gaps, social-economic development and technological progress create the need for different kinds of intervention. So, it becomes necessary to think globally and act locally in the water sector. It is therefore essential to begin today to design new ways of water management, to ensure greater equity, efficiency and sustainability of resource uses.

Integrated water management is one of the pillars of sustainable development. In this context, the organization of the 9th edition of the International Conference on “Water Resources in the Mediterranean Basin” (WATMED9) aims at bringing together experts in the Mediterranean basin in order to mobilize innovations, knowledge and skills for advancing the cause of water, expanding the exchange of relevant experiences.

Also, to up-to-date scientific research results carried out all over the world and allowing to launch new collaborative actions and new networks to better face the challenges and handle the risks for our water resources and human being.

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