Conference Topics                                   

Management of water resources
-    Climate change impact on water resources
-    Anthropogenic disturbances impact on water resources
-    Watershed assessment and monitoring
-    Hydrologic Models
-    Erosion and sediment transport
-    Irrigation technologies and practices
-    Rational and efficient use of water resources in agriculture
-    Governance and water policy
-    Ecosystem Restoration
-    Sustainable use of water resources

Water quality and pollution
-    Water contamination
-    Groundwater and Freshwater quality
-    Coastal and offshore pollution
-    Pharmaceuticals & Micro-pollutants
-    Water Borne Diseases
-    Emergent toxins
-    Pollution and health issues
-    Water Quality Assessment and Protection,
-    Agricultural water pollution

Non-conventional water resources reclamation, recycling and reuse
-  Innovative technologies for sustainable water and wastewater treatment
-    Urban and Industrial water and wastewater treatment
-    Water desalination
-    Eco-solutions for water and wastewater treatment
-    Sanitation solutions for rural communities
-    Leachate treatment
-    Management of sludge
-    Treated water and wastewater reuse
-    Economics of water and wastewater treatment and management

Water-Energy-Food (WEF) nexus
-    Managing the nexus at local, regional, and global levels
-    Role of technology in the WEF nexus
-    New approaches managing the WEF nexus
-    SNexus methods and tools